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Parent Portal

Attn.  All Parents: Please log on to the Parent Portal to update your parent contact information including your home and cell phone numbers, as well as your e-mail address.   The District needs this information in case of emergency, and we use it to keep you informed on important school news & happenings.

If you need support logging on to the Parent Portal, have misplaced your family’s password, or are an elementary school parent who has never been assigned a password, call 220-3076 or e-mail 

Welcome to Mamaroneck High School

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Last week guidance counselors and administrators visited every English class in the school to discuss the expectations we have of Mamaroneck High School students.   We spoke about the open campus being a privilege not a right, and we spoke about our Student Code of Conduct.  As we enter our Homecoming Weekend please use this opportunity to review the  Student Code of Conduct with your child. 

Tomorrow night we will begin our Homecoming weekend with a Pep Rally at MHS and on Friday night the Boys Football Team will play Clarkstown South at our Homecoming game.   The weekend will be filled with many games and we encourage Mamaroneck fans to show up to cheer on our athletes.    Every game will be monitored by administrators and other faculty members.  Should a student be suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol we will send the child home after phoning a parent.   Students will not be allowed to bring any liquids or book bags into the football game or the Pep Rally. 

Our students are very excited for our Homecoming Weekend, the halls are festively decorated in black and orange, teams are practicing their pep rally dances and the Force (our drum line) is ready to wow the crowd!  We, at the high school, continue through our health classes, Public Service Announcements, Tigers Den and assemblies to educate students about making healthy choices.  Working together, we feel confident that we will have a Homecoming that is full of school spirit, good sportsmanship and fun. 


Elizabeth Clain                  Bari Suman
Principal                            Athletic Director

Thursday, September 18
Friday, September 19
Monday, September 22
Tuesday, September 23
Wednesday, September 24

Please call 914-220-3150

Thursday, September 18
K-12 Staff Art Show "Mamaronart" Opens/MHS Palmer Gallery
(Open schl hours through 10/17)
PTA Council
9:15 am
Friday, September 19
Mamaroneck Schls Foundation Jr. Triathlon Registration/HOM
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Seniors meet w/counselors at lunch
Saturday, September 20
Mamaroneck Schls Foundation Jr. Triathlon
6:30 am Arrive