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Welcome to Mamaroneck High School

Dear Families of Mamaroneck High School Students:

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!

I was delighted last week to be greeted by the noise of young people in the high school: students participating in our Jump Start program, athletes cheering on the field, laughter ringing from below my window and shrieks of joy as students greeted one another for the first time.  While some of the harbingers of the new school year were evident earlier in August (spotless hallways, re-paved senior lot etc.) it was the voices of our teenagers that truly signaled the beginning of the school year. 

This summer we have prepared for the opening of school in a number of different ways.  Structurally, all the bathrooms in the Palmer side of the building have been gutted and are being outfitted with new plumbing systems.  The construction will continue through Labor Day Weekend and therefore no students will be allowed in the Palmer side of the building until Wednesday, September 3rd.    Our I.T. Department has worked tirelessly this summer to ensure that all classrooms have Wi-Fi capability and are set up to support our growing iPad initiative.  As always, our custodial staff has done an incredible job in cleaning all aspects of the building – it truly looks beautiful.

In preparation for a number of new initiatives and changes in curriculum our faculty has been working hard to prepare for the upcoming year.

  • A.P. Physics teachers attended seminars to prepare for the changes in the new curriculum.
  • Geometry teachers worked together on the new Common Core curriculum.
  • A.P. American History teachers attended a seminar on the new A.P. curriculum.
  • Teachers across all departments met to prepare for our integrated co-teaching classes that will commence in the 9th grade.
  • English and Social Studies teachers attended a one week Facing History and Ourselves seminar.

These are just a few of the ways that teachers have been preparing for the coming year.

Tomorrow faculty members will gather in a book group to discuss Brainstorm by Daniel Siegel.  This book seeks to dispel some of the myths we have about adolescence and focuses on the new research in neurobiology that will help us understand how to improve the lives of teenagers.  I am excited to delve into this topic with our faculty, and later in the year, I intend to use Brainstorm as the focus for one of my PTSA sponsored “Conversations with the Principal.”  I hope you will join us!

Last year we announced that we will be moving to a new schedule for the 2014-2015 school year.  The schedule is posted on our website as well as the calendar of days for the entire year.   One of the goals of the new schedule is to reduce the amount of stress students experience in any given week.  To that end we have virtually eliminated day “5”s where students attend all eight classes in a day and experience eight transitions in a day.  With that said, please note that the first day of school will be a day 5!  The other major reason for the change in schedule was to provide for longer blocks of instruction.  You will notice on the calendar that approximately once a month we will have our “X and Y days” where classes will meet for 80 minute blocks.  Over the course of the year we will be surveying students and faculty about their thoughts on the new schedule.

While we in New York have been blessed with a most delightful summer of blue skies and lovely weather, we have been confronted every day with the terrible news about the Middle East, Missouri, Eastern Europe and West Africa.  This summer as I read the paper and felt waves of sadness and despair my thoughts kept on coming back to the students we have at Mamaroneck High School who have so many varying interests and passions.  I thought about students committed to understanding world politics, students who have started clubs to help fight diseases in Africa, students who organized midnight runs and the list goes on and on.  We have a remarkably caring and committed student body and day after day they provide me, and our faculty, with optimism about the potential we have as a community.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have the privilege to work with our teenagers on a daily basis.  I so look forward to welcoming our 9th grade students at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, September 3rd and all students on Thursday, September 4th at 8:00 a.m. 

Schedules are now available on the portal.  Should there be a problem with your child’s schedule please contact his/her guidance counselor.  Enjoy these waning days of August and I will see you next week!


Elizabeth Clain


Information (English -- Spanish)
Registration (English -- Spanish)

Tuesday, September 2
Supt. Conf. Day
Wednesday, September 3
9th Grade Orientation
Thursday, September 4
Friday, September 5
Monday, September 8

Please call 914-220-3150

Tuesday, September 2
Schl Bd Mtg: 6 pm tour of district construction

(meet in front of Murray Ave. School); 8 pm short business meeting in MHS Tiered Clsm

Superintendent's Conference Day -- Students Do Not Attend

Wednesday, September 3
First Day of Schl: 8:40-11:30 am All Elem (Kdgn -- 10:30 am dismissal)
HOM 7:54 am-Noon  (Gr 6 only); MHS Freshman Orntn 8:05 am-12:30 pm (Gr 9 only)
Thursday, September 4
Children's Corner and KEEPS Begin All Programs
MHS Gr 10, 11 & 12 First Day of Schl